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Eventesize - Event Planning App for South African Market

Eventesize is an event planning app built for a South African conglomerate to provide event planning capabilities for people looking to plan their events. The app allows users to contact different vendors for the services they require and has an inbuilt payment gateway, service provider promotions, and a lot of modern features. Our team developed the app with a focus on providing a seamless and convenient user experience.

The Eventesize app's key features include:

  • Vendor Services: The app allows users to browse through a variety of vendors for their event planning needs, including catering, decor, music, and photography. Users can filter their search based on location, budget, and other preferences.
  • Payment Gateway: The app has an inbuilt payment gateway that allows users to make payments for the services they require through the app. This feature ensures that users can make secure and hassle-free transactions without having to leave the app.
  • Service Provider Promotions: The app provides service providers with the ability to promote their services to users, increasing their visibility and helping them to secure more business. This feature also allows users to discover new service providers and provides a competitive marketplace for vendors.
  • Modern Features: The app has a variety of modern features, including push notifications, real-time updates, and seamless navigation. These features provide users with a convenient and user-friendly experience, allowing them to plan their events efficiently.

Overall, Eventesize has been a success, providing users with a seamless and convenient way to plan their events. The app's key features, including vendor services, payment gateway, service provider promotions, and modern features, have helped to create a comprehensive event planning platform. The app has also provided a marketplace for service providers, allowing them to promote their services and secure more business. Eventesize has demonstrated how technology can be used to simplify complex tasks and provide a convenient and efficient experience for users.

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